As we do not practice yoga in yoga studios all the time, we should learn how we can exercise yoga without getting injured during home practices, especially on the carpeted floor. The thickness of the carpet is important. It should be thin enough so that you do not sink on your yoga mat when you place it on the carpet. Not all yoga mats are suitable for carpet usage. To save your money and time, let’s analyze which yoga mat for carpet is better to use.

Which Yoga Mat for Carpet is Best?

Yoga Mats for CarpetThicknessSizePrice
LifeBoard Yoga Mat0.6 inches73 x 28.8Amazon
HemingWeigh Yoga Mat0.5 inches71 x 24Amazon
Gymenist Yoga Mat0.33 inches71 x 24Amazon
Premium Extra-Large Yoga Mat0.3 inches108 x 72Amazon
Clever Yoga Mat0.25 inches72 x 25Amazon

LifeBoard Yoga Mat

Lifeboard Yoga Mat
Lifeboard Yoga Mat

This mat is fantastic for the carpet. It even provides a great balance for the yoga poses if you use it on the medium-thickness carpet. This mat folds easily and you can store it on the side of your closet or the wall. According to the reviews, it takes some time to get used to Lifeboard. I guess it is around 3 or 4 weeks. After you get used to it, this mat will be your favorite. The length of the product is wonderful. You will not encounter any issues with the length. With this mat, you will easily do the advanced yoga poses. Although the shipping cost is a little bit high, you will enjoy the benefits of this mat. It doesn’t smell like a plastic at all. Most of us worry about the odor but this mat smells very good. Lifeboard is a great yoga mat for carpet.

-Thick enough
-Great for carpets

-High shipping cost

LifeBoard Yoga Mat on Amazon

If you wonder portable yoga platform, Lifeboard yoga mat provides you the best option. You can also check how it looks like in the video below:


HemingWeigh Yoga Mat

HemingWeigh Yoga Mat
HemingWeigh Yoga Mat

The length and the width of the mat are perfect. According to my experience, the cushion of the mat is perfect for the yoga poses. You can use this mat on the floor and it is very suitable for the carpet too. If you have a joint pain, this mat is thicker enough so that you will get healthy. The smell of the mat is good too and it rolls very easily. The material of the mat is latex free. Once you purchase it, you will have the strap so that you can easily carry on this yoga mat for carpet with you.

-The mat is thick
-Great for camping or restorative yoga practice.
-Affordable price

-Too thick for advanced yoga poses
-Squeaks when doing flow poses.

HemingWeigh Yoga Mat on Amazon

Gymenist Yoga Mat


This mat also thick enough so that you will not have any injuries on your joints during your yoga practices. You can use it both on the wood floor and carpeted floor. This mat does not smell any chemicals so that you will enjoy your practices. It would be a bit hard to carry on the other places as it is hard to fit on the yoga mat. You would be better if you use it at home. This yoga mat for carpet is great for bad knees.

-Great thickness
-Good for physical therapy
-Cheap price

-Heavy to carry on outside

GYMENIST Yoga Mat on Amazon

Premium Extra-Large Yoga Mat

Gorilla Yoga Mats
Gorilla Yoga Mats

This mat is very suitable for routine yoga practice. It is very cushioned, so if you like a thinner mat, this one might not be for you. The surface i of the mat is a little slippery if you get sweat. But you can solve the problem by placing a yoga mat on top of it when necessary. You will not get injured by using this mat. Most of the people recommend this brand for yoga mat for carpet.

-Wild and thick


Gorilla Yoga Mats on Amazon

Clever Yoga Mat

Clever Yoga Mat
Clever Yoga Mat

This is recommended by Amazon. It is good grip, non-slip and thick enough. The weight and the color are great too. You can use it both on the carpeted floor and studio floor. This mat has 2 different sides. One side is dotted. Some of the yogis prefer this side as it is easy to grip. For some mats, you feel like your hands will grip but you do not have this feeling on this mat. So that you will enjoy the balance. The mat is also lightweight. You can carry on to your yoga classes or you can enjoy it using at your home practices. This mat also great yoga mat for carpet.

-Very cushioned
-Two sides
-No new mat smell

-Slides a bit on the carpet

Clever Yoga Mat on Amazon

How Thick Should a Yoga Mat Be?

The thickness of the mat greatly influences your practice. A standard thickness can be about 3 or 4 millimeters, but I’ve seen options ranging from 1mm to 6mm.

The thicker your yoga mat is, the more space it will occupy and the more it will weigh. If this is not a problem for you, because you practice yoga at home and do not have to transport it, or because you go to your yoga classes by car or you are very close to home, I recommend a 4-6mm thick yoga mat. Try not to use them on the carpet. This might be too thick to use this yoga mat for carpet.

I like to travel a lot and I like doing my yoga wherever I am. Also, I go to my yoga classes by bike. In these cases, the issue of comfort is important for me when transporting it. That is why I have chosen the thinnest yoga mat, the one that is 2-3mm thick. But of course, when I arrive at the classes, I put it on one of the ones in the room and thus I gain in comfort and hygiene! You can easily use those mats on your carpet. The carpet for yoga room should be thin enough.

What Size of Yoga Mat Do I Need?

The size and weight are something that you must consider when buying your yoga mat. As I mentioned above, you must think in advance where you will use your yoga mat. At home or in your yoga class?

As for the size, if you are very tall, there are mats that adapt to you. There is also who looks for it a little wider.

For example, the one I bought, it has measures of 61 cm x 173 cm x 1.5 to 2 mm and weighs 0.9 kg. Total light! It is super easy to store and fits anywhere, even in my backpack!

How Long Is a Yoga Mat?

This point is very important. When you are going to invest money in a yoga mat, one of the things you think about is how long will it last? And of course, I would not spend $150 on a mat that I must change every year.

That is why my recommendation is that you choose one of which you have the guarantee of its durability.

The first thing I did when I wanted to buy one for myself, was to ask my brother (yoga teacher for more than 10 years in Germany) and my teacher at that time, also with several years in practice, on what was his best recommendation for me. And the two coincided with this brand that I bought, among other things, for durability.

I know of people who have been there for more than 10 years! with the same yoga mat Can you imagine that? 10 years without having to worry about buying a yoga mat again.

It is also important to consider the warranty you must return in case the product is damaged or defective. That’s why another of my recommendations is that whether you buy online or if you buy in a physical store, keep in mind the existing conditions on this subject, in case something happens.

What Is a Yoga Mat Made Of?

If in your lifestyle you must consider being “ecologically conscious” and helping the world to be a better place, then you will surely want to buy an eco-friendly mat or one that respects the environment.

Consider the material that your mat is made of when buying it. Most of the ones I found in the market are made with PVC (vinyl chloride), which I have read, is not recyclable and causes great environmental damage and health risks during its production, use, and disposal.

This was another of the things that I learned in my intensive pursuit of the yoga mat. And I was very happy to see that the one that was “winning”, the Manduka mat, had been manufactured through a process that guarantees that there are no toxic emissions into the atmosphere, besides being free of PVC.

At Manduka, they are committed to creating products that are responsible for the environment and are aware of every decision they make in the manufacturing process. In addition, they use, whenever possible, natural, recyclable, sustainable and/or biodegradable materials and are constantly searching for new “green” technologies.

What Do People Ask about Yoga Mats?

How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat?

When you are practicing yoga regularly, it is a good idea to clean your Lululemon mat after each practice. If you clean your yoga mat regularly, you will reduce the buildup of bacteria, which can cause skin infections. This is especially important if you are practicing hot yoga or other yoga practice that results in a lot of sweating. Things you will need:

  • Mild detergent
  • Vinegar or lemon juice water
  • Spray bottle
  • Clean Cotton Cloth

Mix one part of mild detergent with three parts of water. You can use vinegar or lemon juice instead of a mild detergent if you want to go on a more natural route.

Use a spray bottle with your mixture of mild detergent and water. Then use it on your mat.

Clean your mat with a clean cloth. Avoid using paper towels to clean your yoga mat. The paper can break and leave paper marks on your yoga mat.

Clean your yoga mat more thoroughly if it is very dirty. Fill the bathtub with warm water. Mix 1/4 cup of mild detergent or vinegar and let your Lululemon yoga mat soak for 30 minutes. Rinse your mat with water. Place your mat on a clean, dry and flat surface and allow it to air dry.

How to Clean Manduka Yoga Mat

You can try Manduka Mat Wash. This is the special product of Manduka to clean your Manduka Yoga Mat.

You can use the homemade cleaning recipe or Manduka’s product to clean your Gaiam Yoga Mat and Jade Yoga Mat.

What to Use Instead of a Yoga Mat?

  1. Yoga Towel
  2. Padded Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks
  3. Yoga Blanket

Why Use a Yoga Mat?

The yoga mat is the basic material that we must acquire to start practicing Yoga. Yoga mat protects us from the cold of the ground and prevents our body from contacting dirt and germs on the surface. This mat will also be very useful when we do yoga outdoors because it will provide us with greater stability and comfort.

It is important that you choose a yoga mat that suits you since you must be comfortable when you perform your activities properly. With this article, we will help you buy the one that best suits you for the type of yoga you practice, your preferences and your budget. We assure you that once you acquire your yoga mat it will become essential and you will not be able to live without.

Yoga on Carpet without Mat?

Yoga Mat for Carpet
Yoga Mat for Carpet

I would not recommend that as most of the carpets are very soft. You can easily injur yourself. Try using a yoga mat for carpet that we recommended above.

How to Make Yoga Mat Sticky?

Wash your mat with a liquid soap. Then rinse it. Second, wash your mat with apple cider vinegar. Rinse that too and let your yoga mat dry naturally in the open air. The soap eliminates some of the chemicals that are applied on yoga mats. The vinegar will make the mat more sticky and less slippery. Always wash your mat after each practice, even if you do not sweat.

Yoga Mat Which Side up?

Your yoga mat not only allows you to work on a dirty floor, it also helps keep you stable, while you keep your balance on one leg or when doing poses. While some yoga mats are reversible, most have a specific face that is intended for practice and is indicated by its texture or sticky coating.

Touch texture

Some yoga mats have a raised texture on one side that helps keep you from slipping during standing postures in a practice, the texture makes it more likely that your feet will stay in place. Usually made of rubber, jute or cotton, textured mats can be useful during a particularly hot or sweaty practice. However, keep in mind that bumps can be a little uncomfortable during sitting or lying down.

Make a pose

Made of PVC, it is also known as vinyl and is coated on the active part to help keep you in place during the downward facing dog, warrior III, triangle and similar poses. Sticky mats must be kept clean to maintain their stiffness; Spray your carpet with a carpet cleaner after each practice and avoid rolling it until it is completely dry.

Which Yoga Mat Would you Choose?

Yoga mats are one of the most essential tools for the yoga practices. The reason is that yoga mat helps you stay balanced during the yoga poses. Once you move from one asana to another asana, the yoga mat provides you non-slippery and firm surface to place your arm, legs, and core. The main purpose of the mat is not to provide you a soft surface.

The quality of the mat is important. If the mat is so thick and soft, you will sink on the mat. Thus, you will create an extra effort to not to slip or sink. This extra effort will create more pressure on your knees, elbows, and ankles. Thick, soft and slippery mats can cause you injuries over time.

The thickness of your mat is important. If the mat is too thin, this can create injuries too. Thin mats increase the pressure to your knees and ankles. If you are a beginner in yoga, you mostly suffer from the poses when your joints are on the mat. To decrease the pressure, the yoga teachers suggest you put a blanket when you place your joints on the mat.

You can do yoga anywhere. If you are practicing at home, and feel that the mat adds to your practice, then use the mat over the carpet. Be careful that the thickness of the mat is important. It should not be so thin or thick. The mat on the thin carpet will provide you a great yoga exercise.

What do you think about doing yoga on the carpet? Have you ever experienced it? Which yoga mat for carpet would you recommend? Looking forward to your comments.

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