Vajrasana or Diamond Pose helps you relieve tension (among other benefits). There are 3 variants, including Supta Vajrasana and Laghu Vajrasana. Vajrasana is composed of two words: “vajra” and “asana”. Vajra means “ray” or “diamond”, and asana means “posture”. If you look at a yogi from behind while practicing the Vajrasana, you will realize that his silhouette looks like a diamond.

How to Do Vajrasana

How to do Vajrasana
How to do Vajrasana
  1. Stand in quadruped position on your mat. Wrists under the shoulders and knees under the hips.
  2. Join your legs and lean back to get on your knees, with your back fully stretched. The only contact with your mat is your legs, from the knees to the instep of each leg.
  3. Sit on your heels, always with your back straight. Thus the glutes are in contact with the heels and thighs and the twins touch.
  4. Put your hands on your knees. Try to reach with your head as high as you can. This will stretch your back. Straight head.
  5. You can close your eyes or look ahead.
  6. Focus on your breathing, which has to be slow, getting to breathe in the lungs completely and also exhale slowly.
  7. Hold in Vajrasana for 3 cycles of breathing of which we do habitually, 5-10-10 (inhale-endure-exhale). If you have trouble making them, they are 4-8-8 (always inhale in the middle of the time that we hold and expel the air).

Vajrasana Variations

The posture of the diamond has three variants: Supta Vajrasana, Laghu Vajrasana, and Paripurna Vajrasana.

Supta Vajrasana

Supta Vajrasana
Supta Vajrasana

– As you can see in the photo, the legs are in the same position as in the normal diamond pose. The only thing that changes is that you are leaning backward until you get your head on your mat.

– There are several possibilities regarding the position of the arms.

The Supta Vajrasana or Supine Diamond Pose (“supta” means “lying down, lying”) is the most important of the three. It is very similar to the Supta Virasana, variant of the Virasana.


Laghu Vajrasana

Laghu Vajrasana
Laghu Vajrasana

Laghu Vajrasana is less known than the previous variant. Its name translated into English is Small Diamond Posture, since “laghu” means “small, easy, of small quantity”.

– Get on your knees on your mat. Support the hands at the waist, placing the thumbs in the lower back and the other four on the sides of the body.

– Slowly pull back the head and back. You have to bend it, not just throw it back. He draws his chest and arches his back.

– When you do not go any further, put your hands on your ankles. This asana is quite similar to the Camel Posture.

– Take the body back, for which you will need the work of the hamstrings and glutes. Keep going down until you rest your head on the mat.

– After two or three breaths (which do not have to be deep, since it costs to be in that position) the body goes up, the hamstrings, buttocks, and abdominals again.


Paripurna Vajrasana

Paripurna Vajrasana is a rare variant. In the other variants and in the main the legs are together, but in this not, what makes us remember the Virasana. What happens is that in the Virasana the feet touch the mat with the instep, and in the Paripurna Vajrasana it is with the inside of the foot.


Vajrasana Benefits

  • It is good for digestion. This will not seem so heavy and will occur more quickly. It is because it decreases circulation in the legs (nothing dangerous) and concentrates on organs related to digestion.
  • The Vajrasana carries a stretch of the muscles of the legs, whose effects are very positive.
  • Among these effects is to relieve and prevent the pain of sciatica – leg pain. To a large extent, sciatica pain occurs because the hamstrings (on the back of the thighs) can not stretch much, increasing tension in the lower back.
  • You can use yogic breathing or Pranayama.
  • Through resting and breathing, you can reach the right state to practice meditation. In fact, it is widely used by Buddhists and Muslims in prayers.
  • In the variant Laghu Vajrasana, you strengthen your glutes and hamstrings very much.
  • The diamond pose also calms the mind. You may also use Dhyana Mudra.

Vajrasana Precautions

  • Your knees might hurt.
  • Do not hold out too much in diamonf pose if you are not used to it.
  • Either variant could worsen the situation if you have back pain.
  • The Supta Vajrasana can hurt your legs (especially in the quadriceps) if you have not warmed or have no practice in normal Vajrasana.
  • Laghu Vajrasana demands a lot of your hamstrings, especially to raise the body when finished, so if you have muscle discomfort do not do it.


The Diamond Pose is not a difficult position in my opinion, so the aid is not necessary. However, his two versions Supta and Laghu may cost you more:

  • For the Supta Vajrasana, you can use a block of those used in Yoga to perfect the posture, which Iyengar recommended. Of course, you can also use the Laghu version.
  • Even if you use a block to support you, it will be very difficult to do the Laghu Vajrasana if you have not done it before. Those who do it learned with the help of a partner, practicing Yoga as a couple.

Each time you practice Diamond Pose, you not only receive the above positive effects but also all the benefits of Yoga, since practicing any posture is good for your whole being (body, mind, and spirit).


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