Most of us believe that there are many worlds. But we are not able to see them as they are invisible to us. However, most of us also think that we can perceive them with more subtle and elevated senses. But the fact that we are not aware of them does not mean that they do not exist. In the same way that we have a physical body created with physical substances to move within the world or physical plane. We have other bodies crepositive energyated in turn with the substance of other planes of existence that allow us to move within them. We have seven bodies. The first one is the Physical Body. Then the Etheric Body comes. Next is the Astral Body or the body of feelings, desires, passions, etc. Then there is the Concrete Mental Body, where concrete ideas thoughts take form.


etheric body
etheric body

Then we move on to the upper triad and the first thing we have is the Superior or Abstract Body or the Thinker’s place.This body constitutes the true evolutionary goal of modern man, the unknown place and encloses many of the powers that man seeks.

After Abstract Body, we have Buddha Body or the place where Love, Unity is generated and where such important energies as Magnetism are moved. The Atomic Body is the body that channels the energy of Will.In it are laid the goals and the reason why a being decides to incarnate. Then we have the Monadic Body, the first manifestation of Being. And finally the Logoic Body, where the being remains, free of time and space.


What is Etheric Body?

The first of our subtle bodies, the etheric body, has the lowest vibration and seems to be the replica of our physical body in a less dense matter. Also called vital body or pranayama kosha, it expresses our vital principle and is composed of etheric particles. It is similar to the physical body in size and dimensions, so it is considered a sort of metaphysical twin of our material body.

In fact, it is closely linked to its functions, health, and vitality. In a way, our etheric body gives us life and maintains our physical needs and processes. It is also through this vehicle that the energies of the universe and our energy system are translated materially.

The etheric body is responsible for giving creative energy, bodily sensations and vital energy to our physical body. Some of the sensations that it generates in our being are:

  • the cold or heat
  • the hunger
  • the thirst or the dream

Besides capturing, regulating, transforming and distributing the energy of the outside.

The aura of our etheric body represents the surplus of this vital energy, which the body discards through the pores. What happens next is very interesting: the energy that comes from a body that has its adequate level of vital energy (also related to a healthy mind, of course), generates a protective film. Which prevents the entrance of negative vibrations and germs or diseases.

This is one more indication that suggests that diseases are generated by factors that are not always external and more possible psychological or emotional.


The Health Aura

etheric body healing
etheric body healing

The harmful habits that weaken our health aura are:

  • Inadequate eating,
  • Lack of physical exercise,
  • Recurrent use of toxic substances,
  • But most notably by negative behavior, mental habits or emotional patterns.

Our body then becomes more susceptible to negative vibrations.

The etheric body functions as an essential bridge between our physical body and the immaterial manifestation of our being. It transmits the perceptions captured by the senses and our physical processes to the astral and mental bodies. That is to say, the two subsequent ones, in addition to transporting information generated in these two bodies (emotional or mental) to our physical being. The vital body reflects the disease at first. Then the disease manifests materially.

This close connection between our emotions and thoughts and our physical well-being accounts for the holistic nature of our being. This is one of the reasons why medicinal traditions such as yoga place so much emphasis on the power of the mind and the importance of positive thinking for our emotional balance, inner peace, health, and the expansion of our spirit.

The Connection between Yoga and Our Bodies

Yoga is a science that has different techniques and practices. They are complementary since they work on each of our bodies directly and indirectly. The physical body and its vital being (etheric body) work in yoga from the practice of asanas, detoxification and external and internal cleaning, as well as bandhas and mudras (energetic closures).

To the difference of the other three subtle bodies, which continue to exist and reunite when our spiritual being returns to live in other bodies, the etheric body exists interdependently of the physical and disappears after some days of the death of the material body. This body has generated many speculations and superstitions for being a metaphysical replica of the material body, but its explanation is that it is an element of the energy system, which houses our vital energy and the strength that maintains our health.


Etheric Body Healing

Our ethereal bodies surround our physical bodies like a contour, controlling all the cells and keeping the flesh alive. Mastering the control of your etheric body is the key to ultimate healing and to raising the energy of your vibration.

  • Forgiveness, nonjudgmental tolerance, and ego balance are important factors. We express our subconscious mind through etheric energy. Therefore our thoughts control the subconscious mind. When you learn to control your etheric body through the mastery of your soul, you can influence your body to heal, your body age slower, and exist in and visit the higher planes while you still have life on Earth.
  • Meditating with white light energy provides a complete color spectrum healing for each chakra and body cells.

Take the Advantage of your Meditation

In my own practice and teaching of white light meditation, I have seen immediate results! Some people are able to take advantage immediately and others take a little longer. It all depends on our personal soul and time searches. Once you wake up, it is certainly an experience that is hard to forget. The connection to energy brings a peace and tranquility that soothes and rejuvenates. This practice helps you draw on the high frequencies through the etheric body and keeps you healthy while you evolve physically and spiritually.

The color of the ethereal energy is normally violet or magenta when we see it with our psychic eye. Ascended Masters and others who vibrate at higher energy frequencies usually have a white or violet aura around them. It is our own personal shield for our personal soul and it is up to us to keep it bright.

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