Do you know about Mudra? Mudra is called the hand position. We perform it with the fingers of our hands in order to open or close the energy circuits during our meditation. Dhyana means meditation in Sanskrit so that Dhyana Mudra is the meditation mudra.

Dhyana Mudra helps you find the emptiness of your mind, so you can find your inner self. When you perform this mudra, you can eliminate the stress and mental pressure. You will reach out to the happiness.

How to Do Dhyana Mudra?

Dhyana Mudra
Dhyana Mudra

This is the most common mudra used in meditation as the meaning of its symbol of a chalice or a bowl. The bowl is representative of the smaller energy storage center and therefore the whole system of transmutation of sexual energy. A key point of this mudra is that it has a strong impact on the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is usually the first to be collapsed, it means that the chakra system is out of balance. Out-of-balance sacral chakra may cause the inability to meet deadlines, which will cause more stress and more anxiety.

Dhyana Mudra Step by Step:

  •  Put your hands in your lap. Hands should be shaped like bowls.
  •  The left hand should be on the right side, plus the two thumbs should touch each other.

The two hands, which form a bowl, show that the interior itself is free, clean and empty in order to receive everything necessary on the spiritual path. And since there is no empty space in the universe (everything that seems ” empty ” is full of the energy of subtle matter), this void will be filled with new energy. Our thoughts and emotions will determine the quality. That is why it is so important that a good reconciliation work has been done before and live in peace with everything.

Benefits of Dhyana Mudra

  • Mental level: eliminates the stress and the mental pressure
  • Emotional level: clean and renew emotional energy, healing the wounds of the past and hope for the future.
  • Spiritual level: it is certainly for what is most frequently used because it awakens the wisdom within us and puts us in touch with our own divinity. It also introduces us into the everything and allows us to live very elevated and spiritual experiences. It helps to awaken the conscience.

Tip: You might apply a bit pressure with your fingers in order to feel the flow of the energy through your body.

Dhyana Mudra and Buddha

Amitabha Buddha is the oldest Buddha among the Dhyani Buddhas. Amitabha Buddha reigns over Sukhavati (the Western paradise). He was using Dhyani Mudra while he was meditating.

Dhyana Mudra Buddha
Dhyana Mudra Buddha

You can use Dhyana Mudra while meditating. You will eliminate your stress and clear your mind if you meditate daily.

If you would like to deepen your meditation, you can use pranayama techniques too. Bhastrika Pranayama will help you relieve your stress.

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