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Yoga Backbend Poses

How to Practice Chakrasana – The Challenging Backbend Pose

The pose is also called the Urdhva Dhanurasana and is a backbend. This pose is quite often the culminating pose in a backbend series as many find it challenging. Chakrasana could cause undesirable pain in the lower back and shoulder, especially if the core strength is inferior. Hence, it is essential to follow a...

What are the Bow Pose Benefits?

Bow Pose Benefits are countless. The Bow Pose (Dhanurasana), a posture that helps flex the spine, massage the abdominal organs, helps regulate the endocrine system and opens the chest and heart! But how to do Yoga Bow Pose properly? That is the question as we can injure ourselves if do not give importance to our...

Sphinx Pose 101

Sphinx Pose
Sphinx Pose (Salamba Bhujangasana, in Sanskrit, which literally means Supported Cobra Pose) is a great gentle backbend. It's perfect for beginners to yoga, or for more advanced practitioners to warm up the lower back, spine, and shoulders before more intense backbends. Sphinx pose is great because it can be done in either passive form,...

How to Practice Natarajasana?

Natarajasana is an incredible balancing posture that offers benefits for the whole body. It works on the back, legs, and thoracic regions, strengthening, toning, and increasing the flexibility. Let’s learn how to do this pose! Natarajasana Meaning The meaning of the posture, when translated, becomes Lord of the Dance pose. Natanam is a Sanskrit word that...

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