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Why Standing is not always Easy? Try Tadasana Pose

In most of the yoga classes, we begin with the Tadasana Pose. You might think that you just stand on your two feet and your arms are relaxed. Well, they are not! Tadasana, the mountain pose, is one of the hardest asanas that you actively use every one of your muscles in your body.     First Things...

What are the Standing Yoga Poses?

Standing yoga poses require both strength and flexibility. We can categorize them as the most advanced asanas. Those positions are generally held for shorter times than other asanas, and tend to be more energetic and opening.     Standing asanas are varied group of postures on the legs. They perform a very interesting physical work on the legs...

How to Practice Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose
Ardha Chandrasana is a standing, balancing posture that challenges the core strength. Known as Half Moon Pose, it is a great Asana to unify the mind and body by inculcating a sense of mindfulness. It is a beautiful pose that stretches the entire body while heightening the awareness. Before we look into the step...

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