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How to Use Yoga Blocks? Why Important?

Ardha Hanumanasana with Blocks
Yoga Blocks, belts, blankets, cushions ... These are just some of the tools that you can use to help your yoga practice. But why do we use them or why do you need them in your yoga practice? Some of the yoga students do not want to use yoga blocks during the yoga classes. They...

Best Yoga Block: Stay Balanced During Your Yoga Practice

Best Yoga Block
You might think that yoga blocks are for the people that are at the beginner level in yoga. You are totally wrong about that. As the yoga blocks are one of the essential yoga accessories that you should use during your yoga practice. Even if you are a senior in yoga, yoga block is...

5 Asanas That You Can Use Yoga Bricks

Yoga Bricks
Yoga blocks, or yoga bricks, are pretty popular yoga accessories. These will help the beginners to tackle challenging postures while ensuring that the alignment is perfect. Seasoned practitioners can use these props to take their practice to the next level. Before we look at five yoga poses with which one could use yoga blocks,...

Why you Need to Start Using Yoga Straps

Yoga Straps
The most obvious way to perfect your practice is with a yoga strap. The yoga strap is a simple elastic band that provides the extra stability and flexibility. When your muscles and tendons fail to provide the required strength and coordination to execute a pose, a yoga strap is useful.  The benefits of intelligently...

Yoga Mat Brand: Which One to Choose?

Yoga Mat Brand
In today’s world, Yoga is certainly one of the most relaxing and healthy activities to do. People from all ages are practicing it in an increasing rate. If you’re getting starting, you’ll need a mat where you can work out. So there is a good question that all beginners have to ask to themselves...

Cork Yoga Blocks: Which Brand to Choose?

Are you confused when there are lots of brands for cork yoga blocks? Well, you have a right to get confused because I know more than 50 brands in cork yoga blocks. But relax, I will try to review them and try to provide you the product details so that you will be able to...

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