About Us

YogaArt.com is for everyone! You can find something here even if you do not have any interest in Yoga. Yoga has been with us for more than 8,000 years. It came here from the Rishis and now we experience Yoga in our daily modern life.

We try to share Yoga is not all about exercising. It is about philosophy, health, anatomy, injuries, etc. You can find Yoga everywhere in daily life. Yoga is with you while you try to be at present, to listen your boss, to drive in heavy traffic, to teach something to your toddler, etc. Yoga can help you reach the mindful state. This is the Art of Yoga, reaching out to the mindfulness.

You will find plenty of information if you are looking for the reviews of Yoga Books, the meanings of Yoga Sutras, the step by step guide of Asanas and Pranayamas, Yoga teachers training programs, the anatomy of Yoga, and the injuries and so on. My words are not enough to provide more details about Yoga.

Let’s reach out to the mindful state of our live by exploring Yoga together.